The Philadelphia COVID-19 Community Information Fund was created to support Philadelphia-area media and other community organizations as they work tirelessly to meet the information needs of the Philadelphia Region’s most vulnerable communities at this time of acute need. These resources were intended to support Philadelphia-area media and other community organizations as they work to meet the news and information needs of the Philadelphia Region’s diverse and marginalized communities which will lead to more informed decision-making and resiliency both at this time of acute need and for the long-term.

In addition to providing the financial resources needed to support the Philadelphia-area media organizations during this pandemic, the Knight-Lenfest Fund, is also seeking to strengthen the infrastructure of the Philadelphia-area media through the seeding of a community of practice. Our hope is that as the COVID-19 Community Information Fund grantees report on their shared learnings, other organizations in the cohort as well as the broader Philadelphia-area media community and beyond will glean valuable information from your experiences.

By August 6, 2021, we are requesting that you submit a final Narrative & Financial Report. If you have technical questions about Submittable, please contact Tiara Adriatico (

This form is for applying for grants from the Lenfest Institute for Journalism. The application format closely mirrors our outside grant applications.

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Reporting for the Knight-Lenfest Local News Transformation Fund is an opportunity to reflect and explore your project/initiative and plan for the future. By learning together we’ll be able to help the journalism industry and be in a better position to collaborate with and support communities. The Knight-Lenfest Fund is available to be a sounding board as you work to complete not only your grant, but also achieve the impact you desire for your organization as well as the community. The following are guiding questions to help you in this reflection process and to enable you to identify changes that you can make to your tactics and approaches, along with identifying learnings that can be shared with others.

We recognize that much of your work is done through teams. Team members will be essential in reflecting on your project; as well as documenting it in this form. We have found that having a team conversation leveraging the reflection questions and reviewing what you’ve captured in the report as a whole piece can be effective. Dividing-up individual questions among team members can be efficient, but often loses the overall big picture of the work when there isn’t follow-up. Choose a process so this report becomes more useful and meaningful for you; as well as produces a cohesive collection of learnings that are useful and meaningful for the industry and communities. What you share contributes to the overall work and direction of the Knight-Lenfest Fund.

For questions about Submittable, please contact Tiara Adriatico (

Thank you!

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